Location Class Hotel Name Contact
Yangon Standard Asis Plaza (+95-1) 254424/254510
Yangon Standard Central (+95-1) 254424/254510
Yangon Standard City Star (+95-1) 245365/381128/250291/287860
Yangon Standard Panorama (+95-1) 253077(10 Lines)/251948~ 5/251986~7
Yangon First Class Summit Park View (+95-1) 211888/11966/227991/227995
Yangon First Class Dusit Inya Lake (+95-1) 662866/665954/662857 – 59/665537
Yangon First Class Thamada A Lan Pya Phaya Road
Yangon Superior Grand Plaza Park Royal (+95-1) 250388/252478
Yangon Superior Chatrium (+95-1) 544500/544400
Yangon Superior Kandawgyi Palace (+95-1) 249255~9/242613~21/371261/242776
Yangon Superior Traders (+95-1) 242828/242800
Yangon Superior Sedona (+95-1) 666900/666911
Yangon Deluxe The Govenors’ Residences (+95-1) 229860
Mandalay Standard Hongta (+95-2) 36274/26011/38745
Mandalay Standard Myitphyar Ayeyar -
Mandalay First Class Mandalay Swan (+95-2) 31591/35678/35677
Mandalay First Class Mandalay City (+95-2) 36146
Mandalay Deluxe Mandalay Hill Resort (+95-2) 35638/35671
Mandalay Deluxe Mandalay Sedona Corner of 26th Street and 62nd Street Mandalay
Bagan Standard Kumudra Old Bagan Old Bagan
Bagan Standard Ruby True (+95-62) 70262/70354/242478
Bagan First Class Thazin Garden (+95-62) 70020
Bagan First Class Bagan Thande’ (+95-2) 67144/67143
Bagan First Class Bagan Hotel (+95-1) 652934/652934
Bagan Superior The Hotel @ Tharaba Gate Taung Bi
Bagan Deluxe Thiripyitsaya Sakura (+95-2) 67289 / 90/67286
Bagan Deluxe Amazing Golf Resort (+95-2) 67187/69247
Inlay Standard Nandawon -
Inlay Standard November -
Inlay Standard Paradise -
Inlay First Class Golden Island Cottages Namphan
Inlay First Class Paradise Inlay Resort -
Inlay First Class Inlar Regal Resort -
Inlay Deluxe Inlay Princess Resort -
Inlay Deluxe Lake View Resort -
Kalaw Standard Honey Moon Villa -
Kalaw Standard November Hotel -
Kalaw First Class Dream Villa -
Kalaw Superior Hill Top Villa -
Kalaw Superior Amara Resort -
Maymyo Superior Kan Daw Gyi Hill Resort 95-85-21839
Popa Deluxe Popa Mountain Resort 95-2-69168
Pindaya Standard Golden Cave -
Pindaya Standard November -
Pindaya First Class Conqueror -
Taunggyi Standard Eastern Hotel -
Taunggyi Standard November Hotel -
Taunggyi First Class Aye Thar Yar Resort -
Taunggyi First Class Paradise Hotel -
Ngapali Beach Superior Silver Beach -
Ngapali Beach Superior The Hotel @ Ngapali Beach -
Ngapali Beach Deluxe Bay View Resort -
Ngapali Beach Deluxe Sandoway Resort -
Ngwe Saung Beach First Calss Yuzana Resort -
Ngwe Saung Beach Deluxe Myanmar Treasure Beach Resort -
Ngwe Saung Beach Deluxe Sunny Paradise Resort -
Ngwe Saung Beach Deluxe Palm Beach Resort -
Chaung Tha Superior Hotel Max -
Kyaikhteeyo First Class Golden Rock -
Kyaikhteeyo First Class Kyaikhteeyoe Hotel -
Sittway Standard Nobel Hotel -
Mrauk U First Class Nawarat Hotel -
Mrauk U First Class Prince Hotel -
Kyaing Ton First Class Nawarat -
Kyaing Ton First Class Princess -
Myitkyinar First Class Punsun Hotel -
Monywa Standard Monywa Hotel -
Monywa Superior Win Unity Hotel -
Bahmo Standard Friendship Hotel -

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